Brink Benefactors

We would like to say a BIG thank you to all the incredibly generous people who donated to Brink so far this year including those who are a bit shy...

We know who you all are and we thank you!

Founding Benefactor
Maureen Ritchie

Brink Benefactors as of July 2017

Rick Allert, Bill Allert & Hannah Macdougall, Dr Margaret Arstall, Sue Bayly, Andrew Bovell & Eugenia Fragos, Rob Brookman & Verity Laughton, Beverley Brown, Elizabeth Campbell, Alicia Case, Michele Chigwidden, David Cox, Suzanne Critchley, Mimi Crowe, Jennie Cumming, Hilary Dennis, Chris Doak – Print Solutions, Chris Drummond & Susannah Sweeney, Geraldine Drummond, Eleanor Evans, Ruth Fallon, Jen Farrelly & Pauline McCarthy, P. Joy Fletcher, Frank Ford, Fowlers Live Flashpoint, Diana Fry, Otto Fuchs, Laurence Gellon, Gordon Goulding, Phil Grummet, Sally Hardy, Ritchie Hollands, Amy Ide, Danielle Johnstone, Marilyn Jones, Nicholas Jose, Tiffany Knight, Fiona Lardner, Greg Lehmann, Anne Levy, Nick Linke, Kathie & Jack Massey, Jean Matthews, Liz McDonald, Deborah Miller, Carolyn Mitchell, EJ Mortimer, Lyn Muller, Jo Pike, Dorothy Pryce, Diáne Ranck, IC & KF Roberts-Thompson, Graham Russell, Andrew & Susan Saies, Christine Schloithe, Ann Shaw Rungie, Anne Skipper, Petrea Smith, Johanna Somfleth, Marika Tiggemann, Miriam Tonkin, Tamea Turner, Helen Wakefield, Kaye Weeks, Liz White, Martin White, Theresa & Craig Williams, Karen Wilson and Janet Worth.